The project started at the ENEA head quarter in Rome on 3rd and 4th July 2017


Net-UBIEP was launched at ENEA (National Agency for New Energy Technologies and the sustainable economic development), in Rome, on the 3rd and 4th of July with the participation of numerous representatives of the 13 European partners.


The project is coordinated by Anna Moreno a senior researcher of ENEA. During the kick off Meeting she declared, introducing the works: „BIM, the digital model of the physical and functional characteristics of a building during its life cycle, is a revolution for the construction industry: it allows professionals and technicians to dialogue and share the different processes related to the design, maintenance, management and refurbishment of buildings, reducing costs, environmental impact and improving comfort and safety. In the case of Net-UBIEP, the focus is mainly on training for the design and construction of buildings with high energy efficiency, which will also involve the Public Administration in many cases not yet able, in several European countries, to manage the authorization processes of a digital model „.


In particular, the project provides the introduction of the energy performance criteria in BIM and is addressed to professionals and experts in the construction industry such as:

  • public administrations involved in the authorization processes
  • designers working in the various phases of a property’s life cycle.
  • builders and installers
  • owners and managers of buildings, public and private


The 13 partners of 7 European countries (Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Lithuania, Netherlands, Estonia, Croatia), together, but adaptation to each for their country, will produce guidelines, seminars, pilot courses, e-learning courses and teaching materials to spread the BIM culture in Europe for the energy improvement of buildings.