Building Smart International and net-UBIEP project - Bologna (Italy)

On 21 and 22 November 2019, Digital & BIM Italy will be held at the Bologna Exhibition Center, an opportunity for operators in the construction sector to take stock and discover the latest news on innovation and digitalisation of the built environment.

There will be training and information meetings on the application of the BIM methodology to increase the energy performance of buildings. To achieve this goal it is important that all professionals and technicians working in the building supply chain must be aware of their role.

It will be an opportunity to present sector operators and stakeholders with the important result achieved by the Net-Ubiep project partners with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with BuildingSMART International for the recognition of BSI individual qualification.

Link to the event: Digital & BIM Italy 

Link to the program: Open BIM, networking & collaboration

Signed Memorandum of Understanding between BsI - Net Ubiep

In the end of the net-UBIEP project an important result was achieved, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Building Smart International and the net-UBIEP project which establishes the international recognition of the qualification identified by the working group within the partnership. The qualification developed by net-UBIEP is proposed by buildingSMART International as a BIM qualification and energy performance of buildings, so that all the countries of the world will be able to proposed it through their own national chapters.

The news was given during the International Standards Summit, Beijing 28-31 october 2019.

Brussels project meeting 21-22 october

The project meeting was held in Brussels ENEA's offices, whit the participation at works of the European Officer, as well as the various partners represented by the Consortium Countries that introduced the capitalization strategies to exploit the results produced into the Net Ubiep project with consequent effects in its own country in terms of greater diffusion of the BIM culture and its introduction into the construction process in order to guarantee a better energy performance of the buildings.

More than 50 engineers and architects attend the training workshop in BIM and nZEB, from Net-Ubiep and Construye 2020+

More than 50 construction sector professionals met today at the Instituto Eduardo Torroja de Ciencias de la Construcción of the CSIC (IETCC-CSIC) to attend the training workshop on BIM and Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB), which the organisation organises in collaboration with Fundación Laboral de la Construction.

The conference, which is part of the training and dissemination activities of Net-UBIEP and Construye 2020+ project, initiatives that belong to the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and in which both Spanish organisations participate, has been aimed at engineers and architects with the aim of updating and complementing their knowledge in new methodologies and construction systems design.

The attendees included representatives of construction companies and business associations; public bodies and administrations; professional education and training centres, as well as trainers from the sector; professional associations in energy efficiency; technicians, consultants and specialists in energy efficiency, renewable energy systems and nZEB; and researchers specialised in green competences, BIM methodology and Lean Construction, who received at the end of the session access to a free 6 hours course on BIM, which is provided by Fundación Laboral de la Construcción and complements the training workshop.

Synergies between innovative European initiatives

Net-UBIEP and Construye 2020+, belonging to the "Safe, Clean and Efficient Energy" work package of the Horizon 2020 programme, have been presented by both Spanish partners. Javier González, head of International Projects at Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, and José Antonio Tenorio, head scientist at the IETCC-CSIC, took advantage of the technical space of the conference to disseminate the progress of both projects to a specialised audience.

For its part, Net-UBIEP aims to improve the energy performance of buildings through the use of BIM during the life cycle of construction, which simulates the energy performance of buildings using various materials and components.

Related with the Construye 2020+ objective, the project aims to take a further step towards an efficient construction industry, as well as the use of sustainable and competitive energy through the definition and development of an updated training and accreditation scheme for professionals in green competencies. The initiative is part of the Build Up Skills initiative, and the projects Build Up Skills Spain (2011-2013) and Build Up Skills Spain "Construye 2020" (2013-2016), both led by Fundación Laboral de la Construcción.

Net-Ubiep to the Steering Committee of the Alcotra Project - CBET

CBET – Cross Border Energy Training

11/12 April 2018 – Nice (France)

The Net-UBIEP team project of CS-Group participate to the Steering Committee of CBET Project – Cross Border Energy Training, a European Project base on the definition of bi-national competences in the field of RES, Energy Efficiency and Green Building.

The meeting has met people of European partners which aim to increase the number of young people trained during scholarship and post-scholarship ages with a mutual recognition of qualification.

For more information about the event contact CS Group:

Kick-off Meeting of Net-UBIEP

The project started at the ENEA head quarter in Rome on 3rd and 4th July 2017


Net-UBIEP was launched at ENEA (National Agency for New Energy Technologies and the sustainable economic development), in Rome, on the 3rd and 4th of July with the participation of numerous representatives of the 13 European partners.


The project is coordinated by Anna Moreno a senior researcher of ENEA. During the kick off Meeting she declared, introducing the works: "BIM, the digital model of the physical and functional characteristics of a building during its life cycle, is a revolution for the construction industry: it allows professionals and technicians to dialogue and share the different processes related to the design, maintenance, management and refurbishment of buildings, reducing costs, environmental impact and improving comfort and safety. In the case of Net-UBIEP, the focus is mainly on training for the design and construction of buildings with high energy efficiency, which will also involve the Public Administration in many cases not yet able, in several European countries, to manage the authorization processes of a digital model ".


In particular, the project provides the introduction of the energy performance criteria in BIM and is addressed to professionals and experts in the construction industry such as:

  • public administrations involved in the authorization processes
  • designers working in the various phases of a property's life cycle.
  • builders and installers
  • owners and managers of buildings, public and private


The 13 partners of 7 European countries (Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Lithuania, Netherlands, Estonia, Croatia), together, but adaptation to each for their country, will produce guidelines, seminars, pilot courses, e-learning courses and teaching materials to spread the BIM culture in Europe for the energy improvement of buildings.