Net-UBIEP is interested in establishing a dialogue and extensive collaboration with professionals, technicians and construction companies in order to create a national network of associated partners with whom to share the qualification and training needs and pick up the challenge of the digitalization of the building industry.

Public administration

PA need to be ready to the digitalization of building processes including the energy performance improvement because it brings an economical advantage and the improvement of the welfare of citizens.

Net-UBIEP will organize workshops, focus groups and interviews in the beginning of 2018

Public administration officers working in different authorization offices, will be involved in the definition of requirements for managing authorization processes of digital design for both public and private buildings

The public administration, which will join to net-UBIEP as associated partner, will be invited to the workshops free of charge.

 The questionnaire tailored for stakeholders: Public Administration

Engineers and architects

There is the need for engineers and architects to be ready to increase their capability to simulate, through BIM, the use of new technologies and materials to improve the energy performance of buildings and satisfy the needs of their customers with better quality at reduced cost.

BIM has diffused into construction industry and new digital technologies allow competitors from other countries to enter markets. The first professional who will be able to respond to this challenge will gain important advantage in the building market.

Net-UBIEP will develop training section to improve BIM competences for increased energy performance of existing as well as new buildings.

Professionals, who will join the net-UBIEP, as associated partners, can be involved in the pilot action. Moreover, they will be involved in the definition of requirements to improve the data exchange along the life cycle of a building.

 The questionnaire tailored for stakeholders: Professionals

Technicians and producers

There is a need to be ready to manage the digital model of a real building when installing or maintaining plants as well as structures because the market will require more efficient maintenance services and the use of digital information will allow better services at lower prices.

Net-UBIEP will organize workshops, to better promote knowledge of the energy efficiency management through BIM. E-learning courses will be developed to spread the knowledge of the use of BIM model for better design of automatization system and better maintenance services. The installer and producer associations will be involved in the definition of requirements that technicians should possess in order to professionally use the BIM technology.

The technicians will improve their performance by lowering the costs for the customers and increasing their income. The producers of new technologies will be ready to integrate their product into the BIM model, realized by the designers, as “BIM objects”.

The main objective will be to teach how to use the BIM to view the plants and facilities, maintain them by updating the model with all the information required for any future use during the entire life of a building.

Installers associations and producers of materials and components for the building industry, are invited to become associated partners of the net-UBIEP project to contribute to the definition of a professional qualification as “BIM user” and to participate to the workshops organized for the project.

The questionnaire tailored for stakeholders: Technicians

Owner, tenants and facilities managers

There is a need, for this target group, to understand the usefulness and economic benefits of using BIM. BIM helps to decrease the costs for the management and the maintenance of buildings, but only if owners, tenants and facility managers are ready to invest on the realization of a 3D-model of the building populated with all the information necessary to optimize the building management.

The accessibility of all the information related to installations of the plant will reduce the time of maintenance and, as a consequence, the costs.

Net-UBIEP partners will organize, at national levels workshops, focus groups and interview in order to define the requirements from the user perspective. The representatives of public and private buildings associations are invited to express their interest to an active participation, by becoming an associated partner of net-UBIEP.

These workshops aim to provide evidence on the return of investment by comparing the existing management and maintenance costs to cost reduction with the help of BIM.

The questionnaire tailored for stakeholders: Tenants/Owners/Building Administrators

Financial Institutions and ESCOs

Financial Institutions and ESCOs need to understand that, to be sure of the return on investment for energy refurbishment, they need to employ professionals and builders producing the 3D-model of the building populated with all the information needed to optimize the building management and drastically reduce maintenance costs.

Interviews will be organized with this target group and questionnaires will be provided to understand all the benefits of this revolution of the building industry. In addition to the obligations arising from the new public procurement law, in fact, BIM can help to reduce management and maintenance costs and reduce the return of investments as well as the business risk. BIM modelling, if properly done, allows evaluating the timing and the cost of the interventions.

The questionnaire tailored for stakeholders: Financial Institutions and ESCOs