Four target groups have already been selected according to the role they play in building processes, namely Public Administrations, Professionals (Engineers / Architects), Technicians (Installers / Maintainers), Tenants/Owners/Building Administrator.

The partners will elaborate a three dimensional matrix for the identification of competences required to each target group to ensure the highest energy performance using a BIM model. The three dimensional matrix will indicate competences needed in each construction phase: conceptual design, structural design, construction, delivery of the information model to the owners, maintenance, refurbishment and eventual demolish.

BIM Training scheme will be elaborated and validated with representatives of the different target in each of the seven participating countries.

Standardize the schemes for BIM Qualification Models through the CEN/BT/WG 215 “Building Information Modelling (BIM)”, which works in close relationship with ISO/TC 59/SC 13 – Organization of information about construction works,  for the recognition of the BIM professional profiles at international level.