Published on the ENEA e-learning platform the first e-learning course on the use of BIM to improve energy performance of building. Even if the course has addressed to technicians it is useful for anybody interested to know Building Information Modelling.

To access the course there is the need to register to the ENEA platform. The registration is free. The name of the course is: BIM training for technicians.

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The video at the following link shows how it is possible, starting from the geographical data and the survey of an existing building, to design a photovoltaic system. The photovoltaic project, realized with a software, is “federated” to the architectural project obtained by importing an ifc file. Once the system has been identified, the software allows to simulate the shading and then optimize the design choices. Finally, it is possible to realize, with simple mouse movements, the report to be printed for the presentation of the project to the competent authorities.
link to the movie