Net-UBIEP aims at increasing energy performance of buildings by wide spreading and strengthening the use of BIM, during the life cycle of the building. The use of BIM will allow to simulate the energy performance of the building using different materials and components, both the to be used in the building design and/or in building design refurbishment.

BIM, which stands for Building Information Modeling, is a process that lasts for all the building life cycle from the design phase through the construction, management, maintenance, demolish. In each of this phase is very important to take into account all the energy aspects in order to decrease the environmental impact of the building during its life cycle.

Why net-UBIEP

To achieve this objective it is important that all the professionals and technicians who work in the building supply chain are aware of their role into collecting, managing and storing all the information required during construction, management maintenance and decommissioning of a building.

Each technician, public officer, designer, constructor, facility manager, supplier, etc, will have to understand which information they manage that could be used by any other individual during the life time of a building which goes far behind the duration of the computer who has generated it. Therefore it is important that all the different targets use the same language, the same dictionary and the same data structure. The net-UBIEP project will reach all of them providing the motivation for implementing BIM for the advantage of all.

Main activities

In the beginning partners will identify professional profiles involved in NZEB building sector and define specific BIM related competences, for each of those, in order to get a repertoire of BIM Professional Figures.

Expected  results

BIM Qualification Models to tackle the problem of energy competences gap in the existing buildings sector as a whole. Each BIM Qualification Model will be composed by a BIM Training Scheme and a BIM Qualification and Certification Scheme.

Net-UBIEP Project will increase energy performance related competences of 6 professional figures: BIM evaluator, BIM facility manager, BIM manager, BIM coordinator, BIM expert, BIM user. Through project implementation, about 1000 BIM evaluator and BIM facility manager will increase their competences with energy performance; 1.000 BIM Managers, BIM Coordinators and BIM Experts will be able to implement BIM satisfying energy performance requirements; 1.100 BIM Users will know how to read BIM model with energy requirements.